Website Design and SEO Rules

1. Simple setup.

A good site should be arranged in such a way that visitors get an easy time whenever they visit the site. Avoid crowding everything in one corner of the site but instead spread the content evenly throughout the site for easy access. A simple setup will make visitors make a second visit because of the easy time they had when last visited the site.

2. Easy to navigate.

A well designed website should be easily to navigate through various sections. Users of the website should easily find the content they are looking for and quickly move to other sections of the website with ease. Disarranged pages and content that is scattered all over the site will cause navigation problems.

3. Friendly colors.

Color is the first thing that you see when you visit a site. The colors of the website should be friendly and easy to look at considering this is the first impression the visitors will have. Consistent colors which contrast the font used will make the website easy to read.

4. Consistency in design.

Consistency of the site gives it a kind of identity and makes it unique. Choose a design and keep it consistent each time even when you add new content. When you keep changing the design the users might get confused and think that it’s a new site. Consistency will eliminate confusion and create a brand.

5. Free from errors.

A good website should be free from errors because this is a reflection of the seriousness of the website owners. The grammar should be correct, no links should be broken and the images should match the content. A website which is free from errors is seen by the visitors and users as a reliable site.

6. Simple and easy to understand language.

The language used to explain the content in the site should be understood by the visitors. It should be what the visitors understand so that they can benefit from the content. Using complicated terms will make the content useless because the users can’t understand and benefit from it.

7. Search engine optimized.

The content of the site should be found on the web when people search for content. The setup should be in such a way that the content has been optimized for web searches. There are experts who know how to make the content web optimized and they can be consulted in this stage. For Great SEO and website design visit and their Rank Excellence program.

8. Setup for both computer and mobile visitors.

People usually visit websites either through their computer or mobile phone and each user should be comfortable using their device. The design for computer users should be different from mobile phones because the two devices have different sizes of screens.

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